Next to fixer services  in Amsterdam and The Netherlands, OTBT Productions (Simon van Gorcum) also provides field producer services across the borders. In this capacity he has worked on projects in multiple countries across Europe and always happy to add a new adventure.

Benefits of bringing in aN European based Field Producer

Based out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands we have:

  • Daily and fast connections to any European country.
    • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the most well connected airports in the world.
  • Visum free* travel within majority of Europe
  • Shorter travel time
  • Fast and flexible turn around within Europe
  • Travel within the same time zone
  • Potential for train travel. (Lower Carbon Footprint)
  • Potential save on additional costs for visas, work permits, taxes, health insurance.
  • A good understanding of European cultures, sensitivities and (work) mind-set.

Which means:

  • Can be on location prior to main crew arrival.
  • Can set up initial contact with local crew.
  • Prepare hotel for crew arrival, set up storage and data facilities.
  • No Jetlag
  • Possibility to advance on any unforeseen.

A lot of benefits we reckon so who knows we may be of service to you on your next production in Europe.

*Traveling with a passport issued by The Kingdom of The Netherlands currently gives visum free access to 189 countries.