New Milli Vanilli Documentary premiering on TriBeCa Film Festival 2023

OTBT is proud to have been a part of this exciting production!


New documentaries about Biz Markie and Milli Vanilli are among the films set to
screen at 2023 Tribeca Festival, which takes place June 7 through 18 in New York City.

Milli Vanilli makes its world premiere. Directed by Luke Korem, the film traces the
origins and downfall of singers Rob & Fab.


Legends of street football

Last year OTBT Productions took Gundeep and an awesome crew from COPA90 on a search for some of the coolest street football pitches in Amsterdam.

Cool shoot, cool crew, cool video!

Inc. interviews with some of the biggest legends.

Ronaldinho, Edward van Gils & Jermain Vanenburg

Check out the complete video:



Rotten Season 2 on Netflix

Premiering October 4 on Netflix.
Rotten season 2 with a very special episode in The Netherlands.
Discover new unsavory truths about the underbelly of the global food industry.

 OTBT Productions
Fixer @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Fixer Netherland & Belgium – Travelshow Australia

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of permitting locations throughout The Netherlands and Belgium for Australia’s longest running travelshow: “Getaway”.
Check out a few of the episodes via Youtube:


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ALMOST HALFWAY 2019 – Fixer & Video Producer @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

So we’re almost halfway 2019 and it has been an absolute roller-coaster of a year with a continuous flow of exciting, challenging but most of all fun productions!

With shoots for some major commercial players as well as more insight and humanitarian video and photo productions. All of which we are proud to be able to have contributed to. We had multiple shoots in Amsterdam and of course the usual suspects like The Hague and Rotterdam but we are also very happy to add some “new” playgrounds to our list. With cities like: Groningen, Enschede, Valkenburg and lovely Maastricht. But also more and more across the border in Belgium!

  • Check out our updated Portfolio for all the projects.

We’d like to thanks all the cool crews from all over the world and we can’t wait to see where this crazy ride will take us next!


Hopefully we can raise our glasses on a successful and fun shoot with you soon!


(OTBT crew)


Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Field Producer, Video Producer, Line Producer
Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Brussels, Antwerp, Maastricht

Have an OTBT 2019

Thanks to all the people (and animals) that made 2018 unforgettable! ⭐⭐⭐

Can’t wait to see what 2019 has got in store, see you there …

Fixer @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Filming in Amsterdam during Spring 2018!

Spring is around the corner again!

Fixer Amsterdam, Netherlands, Holland OTBT Productions

Fixer Amsterdam, Netherlands, Holland | OTBT Productions

And “Lente” in Amsterdam of course means:

“First dates in the Park, Magical Silhouette Sunsets,
Boat filled Canals, Orange Kings Day Craziness,
Shiny Happy People and PUPPIES in Baskets!”

So: Travel Show, Food Special, Lifestyle, Art, Music, Sports Feature, Documentary, Commercial, Photo Shoot …


Off the Beaten Track Productions
Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)| Local Producer

Have an Off the Beaten Track 2018! | Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

“Super Smart Cities, Blind Warriors, Super Band Drive In Album Releases, Dashing Dating Shows, Crazy Celebrity Interviews, Movie Music Madness, Bizarro Beer Reports, Freezin’ Cold Recces & Mid-Summer Rooftop Headstands”.

Singapore, UK, Spain, Nigeria, US, Brazil, China, Italy … WORLD.

Yup that was 2017! Maybe see you next year?

In any case “Have an Off the Beaten Track 2018!”

Fixer | Producer | Director
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Off the Beaten Track Productions

Fixer | Producer | Director
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)