“No Rain, No Beer!” – OTBT Productions reports on “Heavenly Water” Beer

“Because we believe No Rain, No Beer!”

Our OTBT report for The Front (qq.com) – China on Joris Hoebe and his unique project “Hemels Water”. (Heavenly Water)

Real Amsterdam beer from real Amsterdam rainwater.       

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Director: Simon van Gorcum
DP: Maarten Heijer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fixer | Producer | Director


Director: Simon van Gorcum
DP: Maarten Heijer

Off the Beaten Track Productions – 2017
Fixer | Field Producer | Director

HemelswaterDe PraelAmsterdam Rainproof

Watch STEREOTYP The Netherlands – ARTE

What do the Dutch eat?
What do the Dutch do for leisure?
What does it really mean to be Dutch?

And do the Dutch really smoke weed all day long?

Swiss (so always neutral) rapper/beatboxer/musician/free thinker Knackeboul went on
a quest to unravel the secrets behind being Dutch.

Check out his (and our) exiting journey through this quirky little country
we call “Hollan … The Netherlands!”


Watch the episode here!

NOTE: The site has a Geo-block so turn on your VPN proxy add-on and switch it to Germany or France!

An Engel Film production for ARTE

Fixer / Researcher The Netherlands:
OTBT Productions – Simon van Gorcum

Watch “The Endless Runway Project” for Tencent Media online now!

你好    (Nǐ hǎo)

A couple of weeks ago an OTBT crew set out to film an item about The Endless Runway-Project for the online show “The Front” by one of China’s biggest media companies.

And we are proud to say it has been published and already passed the million views! Yeeha!

Curious about the result, go check it out:

Endless Runway by OTBT Productions for QQ (Tencent) China

OTBT Productions

Fixer / Producer / Director
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DOP/Editor: Maarten Heijer
Director/ Producer: Simon van Gorcum

Special thanks to: Nederlands Lucht- en Ruimtevaartcentrum

More than 1,5 million views!

Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

“The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet” passed 1,5 million views!

Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:

Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Trailer SMART CITIES 2.0 – CNA

SMART CITIES 2.0 premieres March 4 2017.

A Very! Singapore production brought to you by Channel NewsAsia across 62 countries in Asia and The Middle East.

CNA – Smart Cities 2.0

“And it might just be that the last episode has a city with a lot of water, bridges and some windmills in it … just saying”.

SMART CITIES 2.0 featuring Jason Pomeroy.
Check out the trailer here!

Trailer Smart Cities 2.0 – Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Fixer | Field Producer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)
OTBT Productions

Tiger Beer – Her

“Sometimes it takes just one person to make reunions count”.

Part II

With: The Prosecution, Singapore
OTBT Productions 2016

We proudly present … Tiger Beer – Home

“It’s easy to take our reunions for granted. Which is why, Tiger Beer wants to remind people that there’s really no place quite like home”.

So this fall OTBT productions and the cool people from The Prosecution Film Company Singapore ventured through the streets of Amsterdam, following two Singaporeans that call the Dutch capital city their home away from home.

Curious? Check out Part 1 “Home” here!


Fixer, Field Producer |  Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Holland)

Meanwhile in Amsterdam …

I’ve written about the quirky foods of the Dutch before. But Amsterdam just added a whole new chapter to it.

While temperatures in the city of canals reach record breaking highs and making it the hottest September EVER! – Well, at least in recorded history. –


The capitol city of The Netherlands takes it’s ridiculous (awesome!) food tradition of pulling greasy bar snacks straight from the wall even one step further …

Most likely struck by the extreme heat the good people of the FeBo snackbar (notorious for their ready-to-eat food walls) decided to celebrate their 75 year anniversary by opening a Float In version! (Dutch: “Drijf in”)

That’s right! They opened a waterfront wall stuffed with deep-fried comfort food allowing boats to float by and pull a croquet from the wall without even having to disembark their vessel.

Unfortunately it’s not yet a permanent display. But one thing is for sure. Whether it’s a stroke of genius or just a madman’s dream. Amsterdam just added a new dimension to the term “fast food” and are definitely in the running for the title of “Quirkiest food EVER”!

Well, at least in recorded history.