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Fixer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Holland)

Filming in Amsterdam during Spring 2018!

Spring is around the corner again!

Fixer Amsterdam, Netherlands, Holland OTBT Productions

Fixer Amsterdam, Netherlands, Holland | OTBT Productions

And “Lente” in Amsterdam of course means:

“First dates in the Park, Magical Silhouette Sunsets,
Boat filled Canals, Orange Kings Day Craziness,
Shiny Happy People and PUPPIES in Baskets!”

So: Travel Show, Food Special, Lifestyle, Art, Music, Sports Feature, Documentary, Commercial, Photo Shoot …



Off the Beaten Track Productions
Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)| Local Producer

Have an Off the Beaten Track 2018! | Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

“Super Smart Cities, Blind Warriors, Super Band Drive In Album Releases, Dashing Dating Shows, Crazy Celebrity Interviews, Movie Music Madness, Bizarro Beer Reports, Freezin’ Cold Recces & Mid-Summer Rooftop Headstands”.

Singapore, UK, Spain, Nigeria, US, Brazil, China, Italy … WORLD.

Yup that was 2017! Maybe see you next year?

In any case “Have an Off the Beaten Track 2018!”

Fixer | Producer | Director
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Off the Beaten Track Productions

Fixer | Producer | Director
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)



“At the age of 6 Sven became blind due to a horrible decease. But that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the top Street Fighter players in the world”.

Our OTBT report on Dutch pro-Street Fighter BlindWarriorSven player for DIGGER on Pear Video China.


(Video might only be playable via telephone).

Note: You can support Sven through his Gofundme page!



OTBT Productions 2017
Creative Content / Producer / Director

Director: Simon van Gorcum
Camera: Maarten Heijer
Edit: Mi Tian



Foo Fighters New Album Drive-In After Movie.

So … last week we organized this little get together. And now some Fooreign bandje is sharing our after movie. The nerves of some people …

“I pity the Foo”! 😃


“No Rain, No Beer!” – OTBT Productions reports on “Heavenly Water” Beer

“Because we believe No Rain, No Beer!”

Our OTBT report for The Front (qq.com) – China on Joris Hoebe and his unique project “Hemels Water”. (Heavenly Water)

Real Amsterdam beer from real Amsterdam rainwater.       

Go check this story out!


Director: Simon van Gorcum
DP: Maarten Heijer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fixer | Producer | Director


Director: Simon van Gorcum
DP: Maarten Heijer

Off the Beaten Track Productions – 2017
Fixer | Field Producer | Director

HemelswaterDe PraelAmsterdam Rainproof

Watch STEREOTYP The Netherlands – ARTE

What do the Dutch eat?
What do the Dutch do for leisure?
What does it really mean to be Dutch?

And do the Dutch really smoke weed all day long?

Swiss (so always neutral) rapper/beatboxer/musician/free thinker Knackeboul went on
a quest to unravel the secrets behind being Dutch.

Check out his (and our) exiting journey through this quirky little country
we call “Hollan … The Netherlands!”


Watch the episode here!

NOTE: The site has a Geo-block so turn on your VPN proxy add-on and switch it to Germany or France!

An Engel Film production for ARTE

Fixer / Researcher The Netherlands:
OTBT Productions – Simon van Gorcum

Watch “The Endless Runway Project” for Tencent Media online now!

你好    (Nǐ hǎo)

A couple of weeks ago an OTBT crew set out to film an item about The Endless Runway-Project for the online show “The Front” by one of China’s biggest media companies.

And we are proud to say it has been published and already passed the million views! Yeeha!

Curious about the result, go check it out:

Endless Runway by OTBT Productions for QQ (Tencent) China

OTBT Productions

Fixer / Producer / Director
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DOP/Editor: Maarten Heijer
Director/ Producer: Simon van Gorcum

Special thanks to: Nederlands Lucht- en Ruimtevaartcentrum

Last winter OTBT Productions supported a crew from the Singaporean production house Very! for an episode of Smart Cities 2.0 about Amsterdam. (featuring Jason Pomeroy). The episode is broadcast over 68 countries throughout Asia by Channel NewsAsia .

And luckily also available through the wondrous world of the interwebs!

OTBT Productions in cooperation with Very! Singapore for Channel NewsAsia proudly presents:


Unfortunatelly some browers don’t support the media to be played.
External link: https://video.toggle.sg/en/video/series/smart-cities-2-0/ep8/488561


Fixer | Field Producer | Researcher
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

More than 1,5 million views!

Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

“The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet” passed 1,5 million views!

Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:

Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Trailer SMART CITIES 2.0 – CNA

SMART CITIES 2.0 premieres March 4 2017.

A Very! Singapore production brought to you by Channel NewsAsia across 62 countries in Asia and The Middle East.

CNA – Smart Cities 2.0

“And it might just be that the last episode has a city with a lot of water, bridges and some windmills in it … just saying”.

SMART CITIES 2.0 featuring Jason Pomeroy.
Check out the trailer here!

Trailer Smart Cities 2.0 – Fixer Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)

Fixer | Field Producer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)
OTBT Productions

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