Corona / Covid-19 Set Manager

On request we can provide an on-set Corona Manager. We have a pool of experienced set managers that can be allocated to direct (urge) a crew to follow the current COVID protocols. Equipped with all the appropriate means to ensure a safe, healthy and cautious work environment.

All our COVID managers are highly skilled people managers from within the industry that know how to move about on set and manifest themselves within large groups and with up-to-date knowledge of the most current Corona protocols.

The possibilities for their on-set presence range from highly visible with a recognizable separate Corona-unit with running water and visible COVID-19 protocols to a low-profile “crew-awareness-member”.

All of course depending on the requirements of your production and your project’s footprint.

In any case always feel free to reach out to us and see how we might be able to Corona Proof* your shoot.


*Legal Notice:

Our Corona Set managers are a precautionary and preventive tool. They help with compliance of the national and local Corona protocols (rules) on set and the creation of extra awareness through means of their presence.

However, neither our Corona Set managers nor the supplying company (OTBT Productions) wear any responsibility for violations and any resulting (government) measures, fines and/or sanctions.

These will, at all times, remain the sole responsibility of the production (house) or the individual offender(s).